Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October 20, 2015

OK.. gals I think I am caught up.... thanks for your patience with me.

The meeting was called to order by VP Betty Morris  with 8 members present.

Minutes were read by Charmayne and approved

Shelly gave the treasurers report and it was also approved.

Roxie reported Oakland will probably now take 10 quilts.  There was some discussion on where else to deliver quilts.  Shelly will check and see if Atlantic would like some.  

Old business.... we turned in Christmas ornaments.

Charmayne showed us her beautiful table runner made for the CLR fabric from last month.  She said it will be on her Thanksgiving table...... It was so cute. Great job Charmayne.  See photo below.

Fran was not at the meeting ,but she had sent her block and instructions for the sampler quilt.  

New business.  There was discussion about what to do if there was bad weather.  We talked about a phone tree and decided everyone could just check for themselves... if the weather was questionable just stay home and stay safe.  If there was no school,  no meeting for sure.

Charmayne said that she would take the office of Vice president and all approved.. Thanks Charmayne for stepping up... you will do a great job.  

CLR for next month is 3, 5 inch blocks of winter fabric

lots of pretty show and share.....

Lunch was served by Sally.

Next meeting will be Nov.16..

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