Monday, May 11, 2015

April 21 meeting

Our meeting was called to order by Dorine with 8 members present.  Charmayne and Shelly gave the secretary's and treasure's reports and both were approved.

Sally reported on the sew day at Roxie's .  Shelly, Betty, Dorothy, Fran, Roxie, and Shelly were able to attend.  Quilts and walker bags were completed.  The gals found lots of orphan blocks and they decided to use these  in a Round Robin quilt.  The orphan block will be used in the center and the first quilter will add a border and then pass to another quilter to add an additional border until the quilt reaches 40x40.  The blocks were distributed at the April meeting. 

Old business included finishing up Betty's surprise square.  We will add a 4th block and sashing and bring it to the May meeting.  Betty said she would finish the quilts...... or if you want to finish them you may.

Dorine passed out the yardage for the Guild Sampler quilt project.  She started us out with a block.  In May Charmayne will be providing us with the next block pattern  Shelly will bring the pattern in June and Betty will have July's pattern.  We will have a sign up sheet for the rest of the months.    The only requirement is that the focus fabric MUST be used in each monthy square you make.  You make your choice of the other colors , the same colors each month or different colors that go with the focus fabric.

Fran gave us the last instructions for the circle table mat.  Please bring your finish mats to the May meeting.

Fran also supplied us with more fabric and another block to make for the lap quilt project. 

Show and share included quilts from Shirley , Shelly, Dorine, Fran, and Sally .

We play CLR for the flowered fabric. Elaine was the winner  and she will bring her project next month. It was decided to continue with this game.  We will bring 3 / 2 1/2 inch strips of a manly print.  Sally also displayed the quilt that she had made with the pastel charms... she donated the 40 inch square to the quilt project for the group.

Shelly and Charmayne served a delicious lunch.  Next month Dorothy  and Renee will have the lunch.  

We should bring small jars of peanut butter and jelly for the food pantry.

The next meeting is May 19th.