Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The May 19th meeting was called to order with 11 members present.

Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and approved.

Roxie reported that we would have a sew day on May 30th at 9:30 at her home in Avoca.  We will be working on our Lap quilts and walker bags for the Oakland Nursing home.

Fran collected the blocks from last months projects and distributed the new pattern for this month.  If any of you have outstanding blocks from previous months, please get the to Roxie. We are short a few of the blocks with the dark red flower in it. We would like to finish those tops.  Thanks Fran for taking on the project.  Your blocks are great and this is a wonderful project. You are very generous to share your fabric with us.

Betty's surprise quilts are completed and members are working on quilting those also. It was a great project and I know that I tried to step out of my box to make an interesting block.  It was a lot of fun and created lots of really pretty lap quilts.

We all shared the sampler block that we had made and Charmayne gave us the instructions for a Bear Claw square for next month.  Keep working on those Samplers girls.....

A few Christmas ornaments were collected too.

Dorine had the program and showed us all how to make Mitered Corners on a quilt.  It was very interesting.

Show and share was great as usual. Shirley showed us continuous Praire Points and gave us all a sample to show us how she did them.  Elaine showed us her quilt made with the florals  from last months LRC game.  Shelly and Sally also had projects to share.

We had another fun game of Left Right Center and lucky Elaine won again and took the manly fabrics home with her.  Next month we will bring  3 /10 inch squares... Red, white, and blue.

New Business included talk of a Shop hop for the group. Roxie "volunteered' to organize something with help from Fran.  We tabled it for now and will discuss it more at next meeting.

 There are several orphan blocks and we are still working on making those into lap quilts.

Dorine also talked to us about the ALS charity quilt project. She showed us a beautiful quilt that she will be sending to the project headquarters.  She also shared information for the group if anyone else is interested in making a quilt for them.

Shelly shared fabric that Sharon had received from the UCC Church in Atlantic.  We will use it for quilts and walker bags.  Isn't it wonderful that others share their fabric with us.

Next months food pantry item is Pork and Beans.

We were notified that Renee's mother-in-law has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Snacks were served by Dorothy...and they were delicious... She is really raising the bar in the snack department.  Please make it easy on yourself girls....  next month Shirley Jacobsen ,

The next meeting will be June 16th