Monday, April 28, 2014

Great tutorials for jelly rolls

There are lots of free patterns and ideas here.  Hope you enjoy. 


Sewing Day at Roxie's

Although we weren't all able to attend the sew day at Roxie's on Saturday I want to share some of the emails about the day.

Vivian wrote,

Hi-We had a fun day with a bit of confusion at times-totally normal.   As usual there were a couple of machines that weren't cooperating also and poor Shirley didn't get to sew a stitch on her's.  She helped all day anyway squaring up blocks and cutting sashing pieces.  Roxie's house is just ideal for sew days-she may wish it wasn't after Saturday.  We had fun sitting around her dining room table and eating our sack lunches.  We finished several quilt tops and have some that just need borders yet. We had some lively discussions at times too--you know how hard it is to make up our minds about things.  Hope more of the members can attend the next one.  More members, more fun!! Vivian

Dorothy wrote,

I was at Roxie's Saturday . We didn't take any pictures, but squared up a lot of blocks and sewed some tops together. There were 6 of us altogether. Dorothy Eggerss

Fran wrote,

Did anyone take pics?
Too busy sewing.

Sounds like we miss a lot of fun.  Thanks Roxie for the great day to complete the charity quilts.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rainy Tuesday morning

Well, here comes some more rain, isn't it wonderful.

Charmayne has asked me to take over our blog.... so here goes. LeAnn has been kind enough to help get me started, so we will see how this works.  Please always feel free to give me any ideas, or let me know if there is something that you don't like.  I will also be adding a few things to our Facebook site, so check that too.  You will find I am an internet junky, so I will be posting some interesting sites to visit from time to time.

I think it would also be fun to do a member highlight every once in a while.  You may have done this in the past, but I think there are several new members, so hopefully you won't mind if it is a repeat.  I will be passing out forms for you to fill out and tell the group about yourself and your quilting adventure in life.  I would also love to add photos, so you can email me anything you have, currant projects, past projects, problems with projects, family events and milestones.  I think it will help all of us get better acquainted. 

Just a quick recap of the last meeting.

Shirley had a wonderful "Quilto" game for all of us. For those of you that missed, it is like bingo, but with fabric squares.  If you have your quilt board finished bring it each time to the meeting. We will be playing again. In May we would like members to bring a pink fat quarter to share for the prizes.

Also, Dorothy and Charmayne showed several quilts that they had put together from our blocks. We are in need of quilt labels, so everyone is asked to bring along a label or two that they have made, that can be attached to these quilts.

Charmayne had made beautiful Easter baskets for all of us. They were lined and filled with wonderful treats, including a ceramic Easter bunny. Thank you Charmayne for all your work.  Been a long time since I had an Easter Basket of my own. We also had a surprise guest, the Easter bunny came to visit and we all had photos taken, I will post those later.

We all had our Easter Bonnets and there were some great ones... again, pictures will follow.  Sharon  won the drawing and got a lovely basket filled with quilting supplies and fabric.

We also talked about doing another "one yard Challenge" here is a You Tube video explaining it  .  We are all suppose to be deciding on a color or fabric line for our one yard.  It was decided that a color grouping, i.e. Blues, black and whites, purples, batiks.... , would make a prettier result, instead of everyone bringing something different.  So think about what you would like.

I think that is enough for now.  I am looking forward to getting to know a new wonderful bunch of quilters. 

Sew Happy, Sally