Monday, October 3, 2016

September minutes as prepared by Shelly Storjohnn for Sharon Guffey-Lewis

Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild
Minutes for September 20th, 2016
The Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild met on September 20th, 2016, at the Walnut Public Library. There were 10 members in attendance.
President Betty Morris called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
Shelly Storjohann read the minutes of the August meeting. Fran Dixon made a motion to approve the minutes, Seconded by Kristina Larson. Motion carried
Shelly Storjohann gave the treasurer’s report having a balance of $755.31, with no debits or credits in the past month.
Roxie Hester made a Motion to approve Treasurers’ report, seconded by Dorothy Eggerss. Motion carried.
Roxie Hester confirmed the “SEW Date” will be on October 1st, beginning at 9:30 a.m.  at her home. We will be working on the Veterans quilts, as they need to be completed by the October meeting.
Roxie also brought 5 kits that needed to be pieced.
If you know of any Veterans in our area, Please submit names to Roxie.
Elaine finished 3 more Veteran quilt tops and Dorine took them home to be quilted. Also, two more completed quilts were returned.
Amy Hoffman from “Family Inc.” was present and passed out flyers to announce the upcoming 25th Anniversary of Family Inc. There will be a celebration with a Fall Family Fun day in Avoca on Sunday October 9th, from 2:00-5:00pm, with Family activities and a BBQ meal.  Amy invited all members to attend. There will also be a Recognition ceremony at 4:00pm. For more information visit or contact Amy or Erika at 712-343-6551
Amy also expressed her heartfelt gratitude for all the gifts from our Guild.
Members brought many handmade baby items for Family Inc. Elaine had been very busy, as well as Betty and Kristina.
There were many Beautiful show and tell quilts.
Kristina brought many quilting kits and patterns for anyone that would like them.
Dorine Rasmussen passed out stocking patterns for Christmas tree ornaments. Dorine will be setting up the Tree again this year, in Walnut at The Welcome Center.
A reminder of the Guild Christmas party; will be Saturday, December 11th at 1:00pm. At the United Peace Church in Walnut. We will be having a “Pot Luck” dinner. We will have the sign-up sheets at the October meeting. Please bring a $10 gift for our mystery game. The gift can be homemade or bought. Also bring a gift for your Secret Quilter Pal. The meeting was closed at 7:45pm
Fran Dixon brought YUMMY treats, and Shelly helped serve. Followed by a lively game of CLR with Shirley W. winning the 2 ½” Fall strips.
Our next meet will be October 18th, 6:30 pm., at the Walnut Library.
Please bring (3) 5” Christmas Fabric squares.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July minutes submitted by Sharon Guffey-Lewis

The Nishna Botna Valley Quilt Guild met on July 19th, 2016 at the Walnut Public Library.   Ten members and 2 guests were present.   We missed, Shirley J. , Shirley W., and Charmayne P.   Our guests were Joyce Hansen and Karma Sorensen and Dixie Armstrong.   We also were happy to see a former member, Tammy Langlois and her granddaughter Katrina and another former member Julia  ??  
Betty Morris, president opened the meeting and the June minutes were read and approved.  Sally – Motion; Dorothy-seconded.
Treasurer’s report was given.   A refund check of $25.22 was received from Walmart for the roll of batting that was ordered.  Balance is $732.76.
Betty and Elaine reported on items purchased for Family, Inc with our $50.00 donation.  Here is what they purchased:
9 blouses or shirts; 9 skirts or shorts; 2 jackets; 4 sundresses.    Good job ladies!
Roxie did not have any report on charity quilts.   6 Patriotic quilts were finished since our last meeting and given to Roxie.
Fran had a new project for us.  Strip blocks were distributed and due next month.
Sally gave a very helpful demonstration of how to make a “sausage pillowcase”.   Interesting process and will be useful for Christmas gifts.
Fran gave an equally helpful demonstration on “coping strips”.   This a helpful tip to know when one has blocks that are not the same size.  
Both Roxie and Kristine were remembered for their birthdays.  Each received a cute gift.
Many had “show and tell” items to share.   Kristine, Sharon, Dorine, Shelly, Fran, Sally and Dorothy all had been busy making items for gifts and showing items completed.  
Roxie served delicious refreshments and Karma won the CLR game.  
Next month bring  3 – 5” squares of children’s print.  Can be cotton or flannel.   ALSO if you didn’t bring diapers last month please bring them this time.  
Date of next meeting is August 16th!    Refreshments by Shirley W.
Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Guffey-Lewis

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Nishna Botna Valley Quilt Guild met at the Walnut library on June 21 st . We missed Charmayne and

Kristina. Betty Morris opened the meeting and the minutes from May were read and approved. Sally

–motion; Roxie – seconded.

Shelly gave the Treasurer’s report. Our balance as of June 21 st was $782.76. Shelly is still working on

getting our name on the checking account to reflect the correct name of the guild. Elaine – motion;

Fran – seconded. All approved the treasurer’s report.

Roxie’s report on our charity quilt project. She brought batting cut to size for some lap quilts and for

some patriotic quilts, plus more tops and backings. We have some patriotic quilts that are finished and

others need bindings. We discussed what the label should say and decided on the following:

Thank you for your service. Nishna Botna Valley Quilters Guild - 2016

Sharon brought up that Family, Inc. in Avoca is in need of little girl’s clothing items - especially sizes 3

and 4. After some discussion Sharon made a motion to take $50.00 from the treasurer account and

purchase clothing for that age. Betty seconded. Motion carried. Betty and Elaine will shop at

Outfitters in Avoca for the clothing and take it to Family, Inc.

Show and Tell time proved that everyone had been busy with their machines humming.

Shirley J. - Patriotic Quilt for a friend who is a Veteran

Elaine S. - Patriotic Quilt made for an Army Veteran

Sharon L. - Friendship Quilt from her mother’s Extension Club

Fran D. - Penguin Quilt (CUAQ project) and and Exchange Block Quilt

Sally D. - Pillowcase for her grandson and a Table Centerpiece Candle Ring

Betty M. - Tote Bag

Shelly S. - Table Runner from the Guild block exchange and a Baby quilt

Happy Birthday to Elaine S.


Sally will give a program on how to make a pillowcase

Fran will give a program about coping strips

Roxie will have refreshments

BRiNG: 3 5 inch squares of a child’s or baby print

Fran won CLR. Yeah Fran!!!

See you on July 19 th !

Respectfully submitted

Sharon Guffey-Lewis, Sec.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Nishna Botna Valley Quilt Guild met on May 17, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at the Walnut Public Library.
Those present were: Betty Morris, Elaine Snedden, Dorine Rasmussen, Shelly Storjohann, Sharon Guffey-Lewis, Roxie Hester, Sally Dea, Kristina Larsen, Charmayne Presley, Shirley Jacobson, ShirleyWingert, Dorothy Eggers, Fran Dixon. It was so good to have Charmayne back with us after her foot injury. We had 2 visitors: Karma Sorensen and Joyce Hansen.
President Betty called the meeting to order. Minutes were read and approved. The treasurer’s report showed we had a balance  as of May 5, 2016 . Two more members paid dues and all dues are paid now. One check  was written to Sally Dea for a roll of batting the Guild ordered from Walmart.
We discussed the name on the checking account being different from the name on the bank statement. Betty Morris made a motion that Shelly Storjohann be authorized to talk to the bank and get our truename Nishna Botna Valley Quilt Guild corrected on the statement and eventually the checks.Charmayne Presley seconded that motion and it carried. The bank will allow us to use the current checks until they are finished;then order new checks with the correct name on them.
Sharon distributed a new roster. A few corrections had to be made, but otherwise up to date.
The members who participated in the sampler quilt showed their pieced tops or their completed quilts.All were very attractive and well done.
Shelly gave a demonstration on the “disappearing nine patch” block. Very interesting and a good way to use up scraps.
Several shared something they had completed since our last meeting. A few more lap robe quilts were completed and given to Roxie. Roxie brought kits that had been assembled at Sew Day. Several took them to work on during the summer.
Dorothy served delicious cream puffs for refreshments and we played CLR with Dorine winning the red,white and blue strips we brought
Next meeting is June 21 st . Shirley J. serves refreshments. We are to bring 3 5inch squares
of red, white and blue fabric. No July birthdays.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Guffey-Lewis

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Quilt Guild met at the Walnut library on April 19, 2016.   Kristina Larsen has joined the group.  Her Mother-in-Law Marilyn Larsen was a visitor.  Charmayne Presley was unable to attend because of her foot injury.  
 Shelley gave the treasurer’s report.       4 people paid dues    A check  cleared the bank.      .   
Saturday, April 23rd  is a Sew Day at Roxie’s.   Shelley showed 2 lap robe quilts that she had finished.  Shirley J.  made a patriotic quilt from one of the kits.   Elaine S. showed her patriotic quilt that she made to give to her own personal veteran.  Kristina also shared her patriotic quilt.   
Fran gave us her block of the month quilt for charity quilt.  It is called Dublin Steps.   We are to use the exact colors that are on the instruction sheet.  
Betty brought up the guild purchasing a roll of batting to be used for charity quilts.   Sally had a sample of Pellon 80/20. Nature Touch.   Fran made the motion and Roxie seconded to order the roll of batting.   Motion carried.   $112.74.  is the cost.   Sally will order it.  
Betty had made a couple of swaddling blankets for the group in Avoca.   She made them 45 inches square.  
Show and Tell – Dorothy shared her daughter’s quilt of grays and blacks – very modern.  Beautiful.   Shelley showed 2 lap robe quilts that she had finished.  Shirley J.  made a patriotic quilt from one of the kits.   Elaine S. showed her patriotic quilt that she made to give to her own personal veteran.  Kristina also shared her patriotic quilt.   Sharon shared her felted flowers she had made while in Germany.  
Sampler quilts are due next month in May.   They do not have to be quilted but the top should be pieced.  
Next month 2 ½ strips  -  3 strips of red, white and blue.    Full 45 inch width.  
Sharon served refreshments.   CLR was played
Sally moved the meeting was adjourned.  


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October 20, 2015

OK.. gals I think I am caught up.... thanks for your patience with me.

The meeting was called to order by VP Betty Morris  with 8 members present.

Minutes were read by Charmayne and approved

Shelly gave the treasurers report and it was also approved.

Roxie reported Oakland will probably now take 10 quilts.  There was some discussion on where else to deliver quilts.  Shelly will check and see if Atlantic would like some.  

Old business.... we turned in Christmas ornaments.

Charmayne showed us her beautiful table runner made for the CLR fabric from last month.  She said it will be on her Thanksgiving table...... It was so cute. Great job Charmayne.  See photo below.

Fran was not at the meeting ,but she had sent her block and instructions for the sampler quilt.  

New business.  There was discussion about what to do if there was bad weather.  We talked about a phone tree and decided everyone could just check for themselves... if the weather was questionable just stay home and stay safe.  If there was no school,  no meeting for sure.

Charmayne said that she would take the office of Vice president and all approved.. Thanks Charmayne for stepping up... you will do a great job.  

CLR for next month is 3, 5 inch blocks of winter fabric

lots of pretty show and share.....

Lunch was served by Sally.

Next meeting will be Nov.16..

Sept 15th

I am back... these are still late being published... Let me know if there are any corrections.

The meeting was called to order by Dorine with 12 members present.

Minutes were read and approved and Treasurers report was also approved.  There was only one bill with a reimbursement to Roxie for the Shop hop trip.

Roxie reported that 5 persons attended the sew day.  We have 39 quilts that will be taken to various placed.  Oakland only wants 3-4, so we will have many to distribute to other homes or charities.

Old business included collecting Christmas ornaments and a reminder to keep making them for the tree in Dorine's shop.  There was a discussion about delivering the quilts.  No time was set yet, so we will discuss it again at a later meeting.  

Christmas party will start at 6:00pm at Dorine's.  Bring a finger food, wine ( if you like) $10 homemade exchange, and a gift for your secret quilter, if you like.

Sally shared her block for the Sampler quilt and Fran will have hers for Oct.  and Dorothy for November.  

We had a lot of beautiful show and tell quilts as always.... great job girls.

New Business    Sharon made a motion to contribute $75 to the Food Pantry in Avoca and Fran seconded.

Sally was also collecting quilts for Carsten's Farm days again this year.

Shelly suggested  we should plan a trip to Missouri Star Quilt Co  in Hamilton, Mo... No date could be agreed upon, so it was tabled.

Clr game for Oct will be 3, 9 inch strips of Christmas fabric

Food pantry will not be collected since we are making a donation.

Next meeting is Oct 20th. 

Fran served yummy snacks.