Thursday, May 23, 2013

May 21 Meeting Minutes

Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild

Meeting Minutes

May 21, 2013

I.     Call to order

LeAnn called to order the regular meeting of the Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild at 7 p.m. on May 21, 2013 in Walnut Public Library.

II.     Roll call

Roll Call was conducted as show and tell – Betty showed what a cute bear 3D pillow top looked like and explained the process, Dorine has completed a UFO garden top made into queen size, Robin and a completed table runner with excellent quilting, Shirley had a picture of her darling 6 month old twin great grand babies, LeAnn warned all that ticks are around in abundance, Roxy has a quilting friend from Wisconsin that will be producing 4 new quilt patterns, the club’s Sunbonnet Sue Quilt has been hanging at Peace Haven and admired by many that reported that it looks very nice, Robin is putting “Tuesday Tips” on her blog and has been enjoyed by many, and Nancy completed a baby quilt top – original design.  Vivian, Elaine and LuAnn enjoyed the presentations for a total of 10 members present.

III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting

LuAnn read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read. Vivian gave the treasure’s report that remains at $916.09.

IV.     Open issues

a)     Committee Reports

·       Out Reach Committee:

1.)   The library has requested small seasonal quilts to be hung behind the desk.  Dorine is making one for Spring/Summer and has offered to teach Margo how to quilt.  Future seasons will be addressed next month.

2.)   Looking for a home for the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt – Avoca Fire Department is raising money for a new firehouse.  They will raffle the quilt, make up the tickets, and display the quilt on several upcoming occasions that have been planned.  Roxy offered to donate a comforter bag to keep the quilt in.  LuAnn will make the label and include the donation information.  Peace Haven has attached a sleeve to the quilt already. Shirley moved to donate the quilt for the Avoca Public Safety center and start making another one.  LuAnn seconded the motion – the motion passed unanimously.

3.)   New Community Projects: local nursing homes would like long twin size bed quilts that will withstand laundering.  The committee would like to do 2-3 quilts a year.

o   Nancy donated several string star blocks that can be sashed and quilted.  LeAnn and Nancy will work on finding sashing for these blocks.

o   Robin suggested each member make several blocks and another member to take the blocks, cut to size and sew together.  She offered to do the quilting on the quilts

o   Shirley initiated discussion on making some quilts from orphan blocks.

o   Vivian moved and Nancy seconded to have the club purchase backing and batting for the quilts. 

o   Committee will measure the beds with enough to tuck in on the bottom and the committee will instruct the members on what blocks to make from scraps at the next meeting and provide the muslin for the next meeting.


b)     Website Committee

1)     Face book page is up – Nishnabotna Valley Quilting Guild.  If members like on Facebook they will automatically get updates.

2)     The Group Blog is LeAnn plans to blog twice a month.  LuAnn puts the minutes on monthly. The plan is to have more pictures from our events.

V.     New business

a)     Challenge blocks.  Most members brought their completed blocks from last month. Our quilts are now ¼ done.  Dorine taught “X-Quartet” and reports that it is easy.

b)     Program was a Guild Member trunk show of “Garden Quilts”. Each member contributed flowery quilts from antiques to newly completed, quilts in progress, and quilts that “I want to make someday”. The event was beautiful and enjoyed by all.

c)     Next month meeting will be June 18 and Betty will teach “Modern Cathedral Windows” and LeAnn will teach next month’s block for the challenge quilt.

VI.     Adjournment

LeAnn adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  LuAnn