Friday, July 25, 2014

We celebrated Christmas in July. Each of us brought our favorite Christmas quilt. We had a lovely variety. Great jobs ladies.
Here are our postage stamp quilts.  Thanks Dorine for inspiring them.  Roxie was the winner of Best of Show , hers is lower row second from left. Elaine won Best use of Color, hers is lower row, on right. Sally won most unique, hers is next to Elaines bottom row. second from right. Nice work everyone.
Meet our members....

The spotlight is on Betty Morris this month

Betty started sewing clothing in 4 H and graduated to quilting about 20 years ago.

Betty likes to do smaller projects. Throw quilts, wall hangings, table runners and toppers are her favorites.

Betty is a mother of 3 daughters. ( lucky her... ) She enjoys reading, her favorite place is the libraray.  She also enjoys wood crafts, painting and decorating mason jars. 

Betty loves the fellowship of the guild and loves learning something new.


Friday, July 18, 2014

July 15th Meeting

Dorine called our meeting to order with 11 members present.  Charmayne read the minutes and there were only a couple minor corrections, then approved.

Shelly gave us our treasurer's report and there had been no activity this month, so our balance remained the same. She is still in the process of getting all banking info in her name.

Roxie reported that the work day was canceled due to lack of quilters.   We will wait until September to schedule another day.  Also the nursing home in Oakland would like lap quilts measuring 40x40.   That will be our next project goal.  The walker bags were also discussed. They should measure 15x15 with 8 inch straps. ( folded in half 4 inches on each side)  The strap should have a button or Velcro to make it removable for cleaning. The bottoms can be boxed for additional room, or just sewn straight. 

Sally reported there was nothing new with the blog. Just a side note.  Sally still needs the completed  information forms from all members.

Old business included Shop Hop talk.  LuAnn will schedule with quilt shops in Adel, Des Moines, and Ankeny.  We have tentatively scheduled August 23 for our shop hop.  Sharon and LuAnn offered to drive.  We will leave Walnut at 7:30Am and plan to return around 5:30pm. 

Dorine reminded everyone to remember their Secret Sister.

We then worked on the one yard challenge.  There was a little confusion and I apologize and feel bad that it didn't work out the best.  Most of us got 5 pieces of material and we are able to add 1  other fabric to make our project. Embellishments and other decorative threads are fine too.  We will have our completed projects at our Sept. meeting. 

We also showed our Postage Stamp quilts there were 5 completed projects.   Roxie won "best of show" and received a yard of fabric.  Elaine won "best use of color" and received 10  quilter bucks. Sally won " most unique" and received 5 quilter bucks. 

Quilter bucks will be accumulated for participation in club activities and attendance and at the end of the year they can be spent on projects that have been donated.

We had show and tell of our Christmas in July projects. Everyone shared beautiful quilts, runners, wall hangings, and decorations. There was a wonderful diverse selection.
Elaine also shared a darling runner that she had made with bear prints. Well done Elaine. Sally shared her English paper piecing patriotic mat.

Shelly then gave a demonstration of the "Expanding Block" .
She demonstrated how to make a square in a square and how by adding new squares and cutting them, you could continue to make your block larger. She had a wonderful handout to share that explained the technique.

Vivian had just received a new quilting magazine and shared a great game with us.  We were all asked questions and then our answers created a cute little story. Thank you Vivian, that was fun.

Shirley call Quilto for us and Charmayne was the "lucky" winner.  She received the red, white, and blue, charm squares... I wonder what she will make... Vivian showed us the lovely  green strip placemat she made from last months green 2 1/2 inch strips.

Due to the length of the meeting our new business was cut a little short, or had been previously discussed.  Roxie did bring the Christmas decorations. We have not decided whether we will decorate a tree or not.  Also we tabled plans for our Christmas party. 

Sally will demonstrate "tube quilting" for our program next month.  Also thank you to Betty Morris for the hand out of her table runner pattern.

Well, as you can see it was a busy productive night. We had lots of laughs and shared a lot of information.  Several went to McDonald's for ice cream and more stories were shared.

See you next month . August 19th.
You will need to bring 2 1/2 inch lavender strip WOF