Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October 20, 2015

OK.. gals I think I am caught up.... thanks for your patience with me.

The meeting was called to order by VP Betty Morris  with 8 members present.

Minutes were read by Charmayne and approved

Shelly gave the treasurers report and it was also approved.

Roxie reported Oakland will probably now take 10 quilts.  There was some discussion on where else to deliver quilts.  Shelly will check and see if Atlantic would like some.  

Old business.... we turned in Christmas ornaments.

Charmayne showed us her beautiful table runner made for the CLR fabric from last month.  She said it will be on her Thanksgiving table...... It was so cute. Great job Charmayne.  See photo below.

Fran was not at the meeting ,but she had sent her block and instructions for the sampler quilt.  

New business.  There was discussion about what to do if there was bad weather.  We talked about a phone tree and decided everyone could just check for themselves... if the weather was questionable just stay home and stay safe.  If there was no school,  no meeting for sure.

Charmayne said that she would take the office of Vice president and all approved.. Thanks Charmayne for stepping up... you will do a great job.  

CLR for next month is 3, 5 inch blocks of winter fabric

lots of pretty show and share.....

Lunch was served by Sally.

Next meeting will be Nov.16..

Sept 15th

I am back... these are still late being published... Let me know if there are any corrections.

The meeting was called to order by Dorine with 12 members present.

Minutes were read and approved and Treasurers report was also approved.  There was only one bill with a reimbursement to Roxie for the Shop hop trip.

Roxie reported that 5 persons attended the sew day.  We have 39 quilts that will be taken to various placed.  Oakland only wants 3-4, so we will have many to distribute to other homes or charities.

Old business included collecting Christmas ornaments and a reminder to keep making them for the tree in Dorine's shop.  There was a discussion about delivering the quilts.  No time was set yet, so we will discuss it again at a later meeting.  

Christmas party will start at 6:00pm at Dorine's.  Bring a finger food, wine ( if you like) $10 homemade exchange, and a gift for your secret quilter, if you like.

Sally shared her block for the Sampler quilt and Fran will have hers for Oct.  and Dorothy for November.  

We had a lot of beautiful show and tell quilts as always.... great job girls.

New Business    Sharon made a motion to contribute $75 to the Food Pantry in Avoca and Fran seconded.

Sally was also collecting quilts for Carsten's Farm days again this year.

Shelly suggested  we should plan a trip to Missouri Star Quilt Co  in Hamilton, Mo... No date could be agreed upon, so it was tabled.

Clr game for Oct will be 3, 9 inch strips of Christmas fabric

Food pantry will not be collected since we are making a donation.

Next meeting is Oct 20th. 

Fran served yummy snacks.

August meeting.

Still playing catch up with these minutes.  I am still MIA.. so Shelly provided the notes for this post. Hope I get everything right... Let me know if there are corrections.

Meeting was called to order by Dorine .   We had two guest present Friends of Shelly's Shirley Haupert and her guest Pat Marshall.  We hope they enjoyed the meeting and will want to join our group.   Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and approved.  There was no activity in July for the treasurer, so balance stayed the same.

Old business included Elaine showing her CLR sampler that she made from last months blocks.  

Betty had the block for August a double pinwheel for the Sampler quilt.  Fran also passed out her blocks for the charity project along with pattern and focus fabric.  

There was another discussion about 2016 officers.  Motion for 1 year term for President and vice president and  secretary.  Treasurer will stay the same ( until Shelly decides not to do it anymore.) 
Sharon offered to be nominated for Secretary . Betty Morris will move up to President.  All approved.  We will just need someone to take the VP position.

New business included Roxie telling us about her friend Charlene McGlenn who has some patterns in Keepsake quilting called Island Batik's.  They are miniatures. ( ooooo I must check those out)

The shop hop was well attended and they found 22 barn quilts along the way.

Doreen donated  a book to the group "Quilters Roadmap "  for anyone to use.  Roxie has it now.

LRC game for Sep will be 3, 2 1/2 inch strips of fall colors.  Our guest Penny Marshall won the CLR game tonight and received the florals

  Food pantry items will be cold cereal.

The annual Christmas party will be at Dorine's on Dec 8th, with a Christmas exchange of $10.00 a homemade item.  Also if you have a gift for your Secret Quilter we will exchange those also. Appetizers will be brought by all.... 

Sew day at Roxie's will be Sept 13th at 12:30 ...cancel 8/29..

Dates to remember are Aug 29th Cut up and quilts 3rd anniversary.
Aug 30 Big sale in Exira at Log Cabin quilting

Meeting was adjourn and a delicious lunch ( I am sure it was delicious) was served, but not sure by whom.....  

July 2015 meeting.

 Ladies, I apologize for the lateness of these minutes.  I was out of town and everything got put on hold, then I was out of sync ( do any of you ever feel that way) ... so now I am going to spend a few minutes and catch up.

Shelly took notes for me , so these will be brief notes to you , but for the record they will be here.

Dorine opened the meeting and minutes from the Secretary and Treasurer were read and approved.

Elaine passed out her choice for the Sampler block.   A cute little rail fence... Elaine I thought you would pick a bear claw.   Everyone is reminded to keep working on your sampler...

Clr was played and I think from these notes you should bring 5 inch florals next month.

Fran passed out her continuing blocks to be made into our charity quilts.  This months was named Navajo block and again she gave us the focus fabric.  Fran we really appreciate you doing this.  It is so much fun to see what everyone comes up with.

In October we will have the nomination of officers.  It was decided to have 1 year for President and Vice president and Secretary.  Shelly said she would keep the treasurers job.

Meeting was closed and lunch was served...... yum... I bet.... not sure who, but thanks.

Monday, July 6, 2015

June 16th meeting

Nishnabotna Valley quilters met on June 16th with 9 members present and one guest, Dixie Armstrong.

There was no secretaries report.. Charmayne... we missed you.  Sharon will take notes for us for this meeting.

Shelly read the treasurers report and it was approved.

Roxie reported that we had a successful sew day with a big enthusiastic group. We got a lot accomplished.  We are still working on walker bags and 40x40 inch lap quilts for our Oakland nursing home project.

Shelly shared the Churn Dash block with instructions for our Sampler quilt.

Show and share had many pretty projects.   Dixie shared  a beautiful quilt that she had made and Fran had quilted for her.  Shelly gets credit for the binding.  It was beautiful. She also shared a small EPP project she is just starting.    Sharon also had a lovely quilt.  Shirley shared 2 quilts for the Elk Horn nursing home that she made.  Betty showed a twisted quilt , Elaine a bed runner made from the CLR men's strips from last month and Dorine showed 3 quilts she had made.  We have been busy girls.

Dorine announced a new addition to her family, great-granddaughter "Millie Marie".  She also reported on her Questors excursion at Jamesport, MO.  Anyone having ALS quilts should give them to Dorine by July 30 and she will mail them.

Old business also included talk of the Shop Hop.  Roxie is looking into several routes and possibilities. We are looking at an August 1st date for the hop.

New business  included program schedule. We decided no program for July and Dorothy will show us her tuck quilt technique for August.

Food bank items for next month will be condiments and spices... and for August mac and cheese if you want to shop early.

Sally won the red, white, and blue squares and the CLR game.  Next month is 10/ 2 1/2 in squares scrappy.

Shirley served us delicious root beer floats... yum yum... Roxie will have lunch for next month.

Meeting was adjourned.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The May 19th meeting was called to order with 11 members present.

Secretary's and Treasurer's reports were read and approved.

Roxie reported that we would have a sew day on May 30th at 9:30 at her home in Avoca.  We will be working on our Lap quilts and walker bags for the Oakland Nursing home.

Fran collected the blocks from last months projects and distributed the new pattern for this month.  If any of you have outstanding blocks from previous months, please get the to Roxie. We are short a few of the blocks with the dark red flower in it. We would like to finish those tops.  Thanks Fran for taking on the project.  Your blocks are great and this is a wonderful project. You are very generous to share your fabric with us.

Betty's surprise quilts are completed and members are working on quilting those also. It was a great project and I know that I tried to step out of my box to make an interesting block.  It was a lot of fun and created lots of really pretty lap quilts.

We all shared the sampler block that we had made and Charmayne gave us the instructions for a Bear Claw square for next month.  Keep working on those Samplers girls.....

A few Christmas ornaments were collected too.

Dorine had the program and showed us all how to make Mitered Corners on a quilt.  It was very interesting.

Show and share was great as usual. Shirley showed us continuous Praire Points and gave us all a sample to show us how she did them.  Elaine showed us her quilt made with the florals  from last months LRC game.  Shelly and Sally also had projects to share.

We had another fun game of Left Right Center and lucky Elaine won again and took the manly fabrics home with her.  Next month we will bring  3 /10 inch squares... Red, white, and blue.

New Business included talk of a Shop hop for the group. Roxie "volunteered' to organize something with help from Fran.  We tabled it for now and will discuss it more at next meeting.

 There are several orphan blocks and we are still working on making those into lap quilts.

Dorine also talked to us about the ALS charity quilt project. She showed us a beautiful quilt that she will be sending to the project headquarters.  She also shared information for the group if anyone else is interested in making a quilt for them.

Shelly shared fabric that Sharon had received from the UCC Church in Atlantic.  We will use it for quilts and walker bags.  Isn't it wonderful that others share their fabric with us.

Next months food pantry item is Pork and Beans.

We were notified that Renee's mother-in-law has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Snacks were served by Dorothy...and they were delicious... She is really raising the bar in the snack department.  Please make it easy on yourself girls....  next month Shirley Jacobsen ,

The next meeting will be June 16th

Monday, May 11, 2015

April 21 meeting

Our meeting was called to order by Dorine with 8 members present.  Charmayne and Shelly gave the secretary's and treasure's reports and both were approved.

Sally reported on the sew day at Roxie's .  Shelly, Betty, Dorothy, Fran, Roxie, and Shelly were able to attend.  Quilts and walker bags were completed.  The gals found lots of orphan blocks and they decided to use these  in a Round Robin quilt.  The orphan block will be used in the center and the first quilter will add a border and then pass to another quilter to add an additional border until the quilt reaches 40x40.  The blocks were distributed at the April meeting. 

Old business included finishing up Betty's surprise square.  We will add a 4th block and sashing and bring it to the May meeting.  Betty said she would finish the quilts...... or if you want to finish them you may.

Dorine passed out the yardage for the Guild Sampler quilt project.  She started us out with a block.  In May Charmayne will be providing us with the next block pattern  Shelly will bring the pattern in June and Betty will have July's pattern.  We will have a sign up sheet for the rest of the months.    The only requirement is that the focus fabric MUST be used in each monthy square you make.  You make your choice of the other colors , the same colors each month or different colors that go with the focus fabric.

Fran gave us the last instructions for the circle table mat.  Please bring your finish mats to the May meeting.

Fran also supplied us with more fabric and another block to make for the lap quilt project. 

Show and share included quilts from Shirley , Shelly, Dorine, Fran, and Sally .

We play CLR for the flowered fabric. Elaine was the winner  and she will bring her project next month. It was decided to continue with this game.  We will bring 3 / 2 1/2 inch strips of a manly print.  Sally also displayed the quilt that she had made with the pastel charms... she donated the 40 inch square to the quilt project for the group.

Shelly and Charmayne served a delicious lunch.  Next month Dorothy  and Renee will have the lunch.  

We should bring small jars of peanut butter and jelly for the food pantry.

The next meeting is May 19th.  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

March 17, 2015

Meeting was called to order by Dorine with 16 members present and 1 guest.

Charmayne read the minutes and they were read and approved.  Shelly gave us the treasurers report which inclueded 5 more dues.

Roxie reported on the community project.  She will have a sew day at her home on March 28th at 9:30.

Old business inclued the gathering of the Christmas ornaments, a reminder to those that have not paid dues yet to please do that as soon as you can.  Betty had us all pass our surprise blocks... we will all make one more square but we will not attach it yet .  Fran also continued her circle project and gave us the next instructions.  Fran also had a focus fabric and new pattern for us.  She collected last months green and red squares and passed them on to Roxie to be distributed for our lap quilts.

Show and share was full of beauties

Fran will have the April program.

Sally presented all members with a green rug mug that was made from the green charms from February  quilto.  Sally also won the quilto for March and will be making something with her 5 inch  pastel charms.   April  quilto will need floral 2 1/2 inch wof.  

New business included the list for Snacks a very important new addition to our meetings.
April  Shelly and Charmayne
May   Dorothy and Renee
June  Shirley Jacobsen
July   Roxie
Aug  Shirly W
Sept  Fran
Oct  Sally and Mary Beth
Nov  Betty and Elaine

Betty and Dorine had brought along 3 focus fabrics to start a year long project.  Those wishing to participate will receive 1 yard free from the guild and they may purchase what ever else they would like.  Members will be sharing patterns that will be made into a sampler quilt.  More instructions to follow at the April meeting.  

Darla and Sharon served us a delicious lunch. 


Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 17, 2015

Our monthly meeting was called to order by Dorine at 7PM with 10 members and 2 guests present.  Minutes were read and approved by Betty in Charmayne's absence.   Shelly gave the treasurers report.  The only bill was for books that were purchased for the Walnut Library.   Dues are being collected.  If you haven't paid them , please contact Shelly.

Our group presented 4 new books about quilting to Margo Matthix the Walnut librarian as a gift from the group for allowing us to use the library.

Roxie reported on the Charity quilts.  We are working on quilts for the Oakland Nursing home and we will be making 40x40 inch lap robes and 15 inch walker bags.  There will be no sew day this month.  It will be rescheduled at our next meeting.

We all turned in lovely Christmas ornaments for Dorine's ornament project.  Please continue to make ornaments.  They will be collected at each meeting.

Betty finished her project for the little bag that she was sharing with us.  Bring them next month to continue the trade. 

 They are so cute and fun to make.  We also traded our 12 1/2 inch blocks.  Sashing will be added to one side and another 12  1/2 inch block added to it.

Sally won the quilto game and received the  green charms.  Next month we will bring charms in Easter Pastels.  

New business  included that Fran will have the project demo next month.  Fran also shared a pattern with all of us... We are to bring the quilt square back with us next month.

We all brought paper goods for the food pantry and next month we should bring cleaning products.

It was also decided to have members share a treat at each meeting Darla  and Sharon will bring treats for out March 17th meeting.

Another great meeting with lots of fun activities.  Can't wait to see what Fran has in mind for us next month... I am sure it will be fun.

Lots of pretty show and share too.

photos from the past

I want to add some photos from our Christmas party, from Elkhorn on Quilt delivery day and from our January meeting.. Thanks Roxie for taking such wonderful shots.

Friday, February 6, 2015

January 20,2015

First of all I need to apologize for not getting notes in on our November meeting.  I will try to insert them at a later date.

Also I would like to thank Dorine for hosting our Christmas party.  It was a super fun evening with lots of good food and drink and many lovely gifts were exchanged.  Dorine gave us a lovely tour of her home and we all enjoyed the evening very much.

Our January meeting was held in the Walnut Library with 10 members present and 2 guests.

Charmayne was ill and no minutes were read.  Shelly gave the treasurers report  and collected dues from those present.  It was noted that $10 of our dues will go to a community project. We are concentrating on the Avoca food pantry at this time.  At each meeting  we will also bring items that can be donated to the food pantry.  In February we will bring paper products.

Roxie reported that 43 quilts were donated to the Elkhorn Nursing home.  We will now move on to making walker bags ( 15x15) and quilts (40x40) to be donated to the Oakland Nursing home next December.  A February 21 sew day is tentatively scheduled at Roxie's home.

Betty Morris demonstrated the first step of a little tote.  We will all bring back our start of the project with the second step demonstrated in February.

We play Quilto and Elaine won the 10" bright colored squares.  Next month we will bring 5, 5 inch St Patty's themed blocks.  

New Business included members sharing ideas for programs for future months.  The executive board (Betty) distributed colored blocks to all members.  We are suppose to use any or all of the blocks to create a new 12 1/2 ( to finish 12") block.  Bring that block in February.These will be exchanged and we will continue to add blocks to them. More info to follow on this project. Another idea (Dorine) was to make a 4" Christmas decoration by each member.  We should label the back with name of block and our initial.  Bring your ornament in February. They will be used to decorate a tree at the Walnut Christmas walk or a tree at Dorine's shop.  Roxie also suggested everyone bring a fat quarter with a holiday theme... then we would trade fat quarters and create a quilt according to that theme... We will table that idea for the time being.

Fran will do the next member demo in March.  It will be her choice as to what she wants to share with us.

Roxie and Shirley brought treats to celebrate Shirley's birthday.  Happy Birthday Shirley.

We need to keep Dorothy, Dorine,Vivian, and Charmayne especially  in our thoughts and prayer.  All are having health issues.

I am looking forward to another wonderful year of lots of fun projects, shop hops, ice cream, fellowship, and friendship with all of you ladies...