Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesday, August 19th

August Meeting

A beautiful night in August for our meeting.  There were 11 members present.  We were unable to read the minutes. We will catch up with those next time.  Shelly has been to the bank and all name transfers have been done.  IT'S OFFICIAL>... IT'S OFFICIAL>  Shelly is our treasurer.  She had no activity this month, so our balance remains the same.

Roxie reported on the charity quilting. Just to reemphasize walker bags should be 15 inches square with 8" straps folded in 1/2. Velcro closures are probably be best, but buttons could be used too.  Shirley showed us all the walker bags she had made. They were lovely.  She lined hers and did a great job, as always.  Charity quilts should measure 40x40.  Dorothy tried her talent at the "expanding block" that Shelly demonstrated last month, and has a top ready for us.

Roxie is going to schedule a sew day on Sept 6th  starting at 9:30.

We finalized the Shop Hop info.  We will meet at 8:30 at the Bakery in Walnut on Aug. 23..  Luann, Sharon, and Roxie will drive.  We should have plenty of room with 3 cars.

Everyone was reminded to bring their 1 yard  Challenge quilt at the next meeting on September 16th.   There may be prizes..... lol

We had show and share and as always there were lots of great quilts

I demonstrated Tube quilting.

Here are a couple links that may help you out if you are interested in making a tube quilt.

Elaine is going to do the program next month.  It is Sept. Surprise. Everyone should bring a needle and thread for her demo.

We played Quilto and Shirley won.... yeah... she received all the lavender strips.  Next month we should bring fall leaves 2 1/2 inch WOF... fall colors .

New Business included talk of the Christmas party.  It was decided to have it on December 9th at 6:00.  We will meet at Dorine's home.  Everyone will bring finger food to share.  Dorine will have soda and water... if you want something else , please bring that yourself.  We should bring a $10 homemade item for a gift exchange and you should also bring your secret sisters gift.   Secret sisters will be revealed that night. 

We also decided to provide the Secretary, Charmayne , a roll of stamps and an allowance for cards that she sends to members.  We will also try to reimburse her for past cards and postage that she has sent.

We also discussed providing a reimbursement for the drivers for the shop hop.  Since our treasury is  healthy we will give $40 to each driver. If the occupants of the cars want to do more that is up to them.

Sally is collecting quilts for the Carsten's Farm event Sept 6-7th.  She will not be able to attend, so would like to get all quilts before the 4th of Sept.  If any of you have them, either bring to the Shop hop, or call Sally to make arrangements.  If you haven't been to Carsten's, it is great fun, they have vendors and displays.... fun for hubbies too.   

Another busy night, with lots to discuss, and laugh about.

We are especially keeping Charmayne and Shirley in our thoughts and prayers.

See you all at the Shop hop or on Sept. 16th at our next meeting.