Tuesday, July 31, 2012

President's Challenge

Last month LeAnn led our program entitled "President's Challenge."  Back in June she handed out a mysterious ziploc bag & then told us all to fill it with items from our sewing room floors!

Then we were instructed to bring pins, a glue stick & scissors to the July meeting. 

That evening she handed out pieces of material & told us to create a collage from the items in our ziploc bag!  Our member's came up with some great designs!

Overall we had a great time playing & we must say thanks to LeAnn for this fun & creative experience!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meeting Minutes

July 17, 2012
I.     Call to order
LeAnn called to order the regular meeting of the Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild at 7 p.m. on July 17, 2012 in the Walnut, IA Library.
II.     Roll call
LeAnn conducted a roll call - “What’s your favorite quilting book?” was answered by 12 members and 1 guest.
III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting
LuAnn read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.  Treasurer’s report was given by Vivian - the bank balance is $1020.05 as the is an outstanding check from March.  LeAnn will look into this. 
IV.     Old Business
a)     A motion was made and seconded to remove Julia's name from the Bank Checking Account as she is no longer a member of this club, and add Vivian and LeAnn's name to the account.  The motion passed unanimously.
b)     Our blog is up! Members are to bring pictures, blocks or quilts and ideas for the banners.  Also to think about what we are about as a group.  It was agreed to use first names only on the web site minutes.  The site is Nishnaquilgers.blogspot.com
c)     Plans were finalized for the 5 members going to Creston.  If there are additions or subtractions to notify Vivian by Saturday.  All will meet in the Catholic Church Parking Lot and plan to leave by 9:30.  Plans are to go to Kelly’s Greenhouse for lunch at 11. LeAnn will meet the group down there.
V.     New business
a)     Bring ideas for next year’s programs.  Suggestions discussed included Website update, possible individual members giving a trunk show each month,
b)     Plan to form a new committee for the group challenge next meeting.
c)     This year’s challenge, - Stay at home Round Robin will end in December. Each member’s progress was either shown, or if forgotten, was explained.  Some gorgeous quilts are developing!  Then next round will be “curved piecing”.
d)     President’s challenge was addressed.  Each member brought the items found on the floor of the sewing room and used glue, pins and scissors to assemble a mini quilt sampler with the “found” items.  Some very interesting mini quilts resulted!
e)     Show and tell – members have been very busy!
f)      Next meeting will be August 21
VI.     Adjournment
LeAnn adjourned the meeting at 8:10

Robin volunteered and gave a short in-service on doing curved piecing.
Minutes submitted by:  LuAnn

Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 19 Minutes

Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild

Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2012
I.     Call to order
LeAnn called to order the regular meeting of the Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild at 7 p.m.  on June 19, 2012 in the library, Walnut Iowa.
II.     Roll call
Leann  conducted a roll call, “Where are you in the process of your personal challenge projects” was answered by 10 members with much discussion on issues and help was offered. Several members have all completed, several have not started.
III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting
Vivian gave the treasure’s report with $920.04.  LuAnn read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
IV.     Open issues
a)     Quilt blog – an email had been sent out, but received only 1 response. Name was decided to be “Nishna Quilter’s. org”. 
b)     Round Robin – 8 participates and rows in various states of completion.  1 member has quilt almost completed. Next row was drawn and is to be “Log Cabin”.
V.     New business
a)     Avoca is making a web site and wants to list local clubs.  Roxie will submit our club with information on meeting locations and dates with a link to our new web site.  All levels of quilters are welcome for sharing quilting ideas.
b)     President’s challenge – zip lock bags were distributed with instructions to collect everything that is on your sewing room floor for next meeting.
c)     Program was presented by Robin with much information on “Web Working”.  She covered Threadbias.com, A Quilt Place, Pinterest, Quilting Blogs, and Podcasts.  No time left for quilting, we will all be on the web!
d)     Show and tell
e)     The “WWIT” challenge results were presented and voted on.  The winners are:
Best Technique – Shirley
Best Use of Eyeball Fabric – Roxie
Worthy of a Second Look – Vivian
Overall Favorite – LuAnn
Prizes were presented to winners and participation prizes were given. 

Next meeting will be July 17 and July 28 will be a trip to Creston Fabric Store.

VI.     Adjournment
LeAnn  adjourned the meeting at 8:42. .
Minutes submitted by:  LuAnn
Minutes approved by: