Monday, October 28, 2013

October 15, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild

Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2013
I.     Call to order
LeAnn called to order the regular meeting of the Nishnabotna Valley Quilters Guild at 7 pm  on October 15, 2013 in Library, Walnut, IA.
II.     Roll call
LeAnn conducted a roll call featuring show and tell. 4 of the 9 members present participated.
III.     Approval of minutes from last meeting
The treasure was absent bur reports slight changes to the balance. LuAnn read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.
IV.     Open issues
a)     Community Quilt – The last sewing day was a success.  Only 2 members joined Roxy for a day of fun and food and a quilt top was completed.  Dorine offered to quilt the completed top and backing was provided.  The guild will pay for the batting that she uses. Discussion was held, the other completed top may be tied.  Another sew day was planned for November 16 at Roxy’s.
V.     New business
a)     Nominations Committee reports that Dorine would be the next President, moving up from Vice President.  Betty will be the new Vice President, Vivian will remain as Treasurer, Charmayne has agreed to be secretary.  LeAnn announced that she would step down as Historian and Roxie volunteered for that position. Thank you all.
b)     Christmas Tree for the annual Christmas Tree Walk will again be the weekend after Thanksgiving.  All members will bring religious type ornaments to the next meeting.
c)     Christmas Party will be December 3 6 pm  - apx 9 pm.  Gift exchange will be homemade items, Apx costing $10.  No pin cushions, no plastic canvas items, no wire hangers, and no toilet paper covers.  The Personal Challenge and Round Robin completed quilts will then be shared at the January Meeting.
VI.     Adjournment
LeAnn adjourned the meeting.
Minutes submitted by:  LuAnn