Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 17, 2015

Our monthly meeting was called to order by Dorine at 7PM with 10 members and 2 guests present.  Minutes were read and approved by Betty in Charmayne's absence.   Shelly gave the treasurers report.  The only bill was for books that were purchased for the Walnut Library.   Dues are being collected.  If you haven't paid them , please contact Shelly.

Our group presented 4 new books about quilting to Margo Matthix the Walnut librarian as a gift from the group for allowing us to use the library.

Roxie reported on the Charity quilts.  We are working on quilts for the Oakland Nursing home and we will be making 40x40 inch lap robes and 15 inch walker bags.  There will be no sew day this month.  It will be rescheduled at our next meeting.

We all turned in lovely Christmas ornaments for Dorine's ornament project.  Please continue to make ornaments.  They will be collected at each meeting.

Betty finished her project for the little bag that she was sharing with us.  Bring them next month to continue the trade. 

 They are so cute and fun to make.  We also traded our 12 1/2 inch blocks.  Sashing will be added to one side and another 12  1/2 inch block added to it.

Sally won the quilto game and received the  green charms.  Next month we will bring charms in Easter Pastels.  

New business  included that Fran will have the project demo next month.  Fran also shared a pattern with all of us... We are to bring the quilt square back with us next month.

We all brought paper goods for the food pantry and next month we should bring cleaning products.

It was also decided to have members share a treat at each meeting Darla  and Sharon will bring treats for out March 17th meeting.

Another great meeting with lots of fun activities.  Can't wait to see what Fran has in mind for us next month... I am sure it will be fun.

Lots of pretty show and share too.

photos from the past

I want to add some photos from our Christmas party, from Elkhorn on Quilt delivery day and from our January meeting.. Thanks Roxie for taking such wonderful shots.

Friday, February 6, 2015

January 20,2015

First of all I need to apologize for not getting notes in on our November meeting.  I will try to insert them at a later date.

Also I would like to thank Dorine for hosting our Christmas party.  It was a super fun evening with lots of good food and drink and many lovely gifts were exchanged.  Dorine gave us a lovely tour of her home and we all enjoyed the evening very much.

Our January meeting was held in the Walnut Library with 10 members present and 2 guests.

Charmayne was ill and no minutes were read.  Shelly gave the treasurers report  and collected dues from those present.  It was noted that $10 of our dues will go to a community project. We are concentrating on the Avoca food pantry at this time.  At each meeting  we will also bring items that can be donated to the food pantry.  In February we will bring paper products.

Roxie reported that 43 quilts were donated to the Elkhorn Nursing home.  We will now move on to making walker bags ( 15x15) and quilts (40x40) to be donated to the Oakland Nursing home next December.  A February 21 sew day is tentatively scheduled at Roxie's home.

Betty Morris demonstrated the first step of a little tote.  We will all bring back our start of the project with the second step demonstrated in February.

We play Quilto and Elaine won the 10" bright colored squares.  Next month we will bring 5, 5 inch St Patty's themed blocks.  

New Business included members sharing ideas for programs for future months.  The executive board (Betty) distributed colored blocks to all members.  We are suppose to use any or all of the blocks to create a new 12 1/2 ( to finish 12") block.  Bring that block in February.These will be exchanged and we will continue to add blocks to them. More info to follow on this project. Another idea (Dorine) was to make a 4" Christmas decoration by each member.  We should label the back with name of block and our initial.  Bring your ornament in February. They will be used to decorate a tree at the Walnut Christmas walk or a tree at Dorine's shop.  Roxie also suggested everyone bring a fat quarter with a holiday theme... then we would trade fat quarters and create a quilt according to that theme... We will table that idea for the time being.

Fran will do the next member demo in March.  It will be her choice as to what she wants to share with us.

Roxie and Shirley brought treats to celebrate Shirley's birthday.  Happy Birthday Shirley.

We need to keep Dorothy, Dorine,Vivian, and Charmayne especially  in our thoughts and prayer.  All are having health issues.

I am looking forward to another wonderful year of lots of fun projects, shop hops, ice cream, fellowship, and friendship with all of you ladies...